A couple of days ago we told you about Hillary Clinton being totally tired of talking about her emails but that Donald Trump has left her no choice. This was one of Hillary’s tweets earlier this week:

“I had zero emails that were classified.” Oh wait, Clinton prefaced that with “the fact is” so it HAS to be true, right?

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley spotted some major Clinton BS in Hillary’s claims in her thread:

And the media can take a bow along with Hillary:

From Turley’s article at the New York Post:

A 2018 Department of Justice inspector general report revealed “81 email chains containing approximately 193 individual emails” were “classified from the CONFIDENTIAL to TOP SECRET levels at the time.” Clinton is echoing her allies’ recent spin that there were only three documents with classification markings among 33,000 emails. It is utter nonsense.

The Clinton email scandal is a scandal because these were emails. There is no classification automatically stamped on text being typed out and sent within minutes. While attachments can have classification markings, the whole point of using secure servers is that emails are created in the moment with inevitable slips in referencing classified material.

Nevertheless, the emails had classified information, including top-secret information tied to “Special Access Programs.” Yet some allies emphasize the inspector general also noted that in some cases there was “conscious effort to avoid sending classified information, by writing around the most sensitive material.” It failed. The emails still contained classified information.

In other words, Hillary Clinton and her media enablers are lying… again.


And we’re not likely to see a fact-check on Hillary — at least not one that’s honest.



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