What is going on in our public schools is horrifying, in several ways. Most fundamental is that the quality of education is abysmal. It is hard to see how our children are going to compete with the Chinese, or anyone else, given the pathetic level of instruction, especially in math, the sciences, and history.

Meanwhile, our schools focus relentlessly on political leftism and bizarre sexual theories. This book, Gender Queer, is featured in the library of Patrick Henry High School in St. Paul Minnesota, and no doubt many other public schools. It is a graphic novel in both senses of the word, with masturbation, oral sex and who knows what else on display:

The book apparently is intended to encourage homosexual behavior. I can’t explain why any sane person would think this is a good idea.

With this kind of thing going on, you might assume there is controversy swirling around Patrick Henry High School. And you would be right. Only it isn’t about the promotion of sexual deviance. Rather, the school is in the process of changing its name, because Revolutionary War hero Patrick Henry didn’t live up to the high moral standards of Gender Queer.

I am a lifelong optimist, but it is hard to be optimistic about the future of a country whose public schools are so terrible.

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