Twitchy favorite, Dana Loesch shined a spotlight on a recent stabbing death in her tweet below. When we saw it, we wanted to look closer, and boy did we find a jacked-up hornet’s nest of a story! We are about to take a wild ride so hold on tight.

Rob Telles is a Democrat who held office as Clark County Public Administrator in Las Vegas. He often tweeted about the need for gun control (as highlighted in Dana’s tweet). He also tweeted about Jeff German, a member of the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s investigative team, who wrote about Mr. Telles on several occasions.

As you can see Mr. Telles liked accusing people of bullying when it seems he was the real bully, one that went so far as to kill Mr. German.

One of the last articles German wrote about Telles is below.

That is WILD. A Democrat did not like what a journalist wrote, so he stabbed him to death. Will we see an outcry from the mainstream media about how freedom of the press is being threatened? Pretty sure we can all hold our breath on that one. One user did find something positive in the events.

He did use a KNIFE and not a GUN, which is principled. Crazy, but principled.

Once Dana Loesch shined the spotlight many others had a lot to say.

YES! If guns are the problem, then so are knives! At least in the hands of Democrats.

That is Rude. Stephanie Tanner would not be impressed. (That’s a Full House reference for those of you born after 1995)

Yes indeed. In the words of Severus Snape: ALWAYS.

That is quite an insight into a Democrat’s brain. They do believe the violence they commit is required, even honorable.

What else is there to say? The right is called evil and prone to violence but a Democrat literally killed a man for writing stories he did not like. Sure he used a knife and not a gun, but it totally deserves a HOLY CRAP! Stay safe out there Twitchy readers. We are dealing with double standards and complete insanity on all levels.


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