Geraldo Rivera is trending on Twitter this morning, and the little ‘write-up’ they put with his name is that his tweet is being discussed. Right. You never want to trend on Twitter because your ‘tweet is being discussed,’ because THAT means you’re getting your ass dragged up and down the platform for saying something stupid.

And in the case of this tweet from Geraldo, it’s accurate.

Woof. So much woof.

So Hillary Clinton depressed Geraldo?

So Stacey Abrams depressed Geraldo?

Hell, we bet Al Gore DEVASTATED him in 2000.

Oh wait, it’s ok when Democrats question an election … just not Trump or any other Republican.

There were many, many, MANY election deniers before Trump, Jerry. Sheesh.

He’s not upset because he’s a giant hack.

Of course, he’s ok with Democrats ‘fortifying’ the election.

He’s far too busy being depressed by Trump to pay attention to what really happened.

Ugh, we hope not.

That’s terrifying.

And whiny.


Does that one depress you too, Geraldo? We’ll wait.



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