So these geniuses think 75 million voters chose Trump because of white supremacy. Holy HELL they’re dumb.

What sort of empty-headed ninny muggin takes this show and the opinions of these harpies seriously? You know what, don’t answer that.

Just don’t.

We’re pretty sure we don’t want to know.

Their token ‘conservative’ (ha ha ha ha ha ha) Alyssa Farah Griffin doesn’t seem to understand why Trump resonates with the working class, so Sunny Hostin and Joy BeHAG chimed in blaming racism and white supremacy. Way to set this all up, Alyssa.


Maybe the only qualification needed to be a host on The View is to be a vapid, non-thinking, angry lawn flamingo.

Great job with that gig, Alyssa. You’re the perfect conservative for that show …

It only got worse.

So not only are 74 million Americans white supremacists, but they’re misogynists as well.

Sunny was really swinging for the dummy-fences today.

Nah, Joy is backwards.

That works.



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