Billionaire Mark Cuban slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as “everything that’s wrong with politics.”

During an appearance at Vox Media’s Code Conference, Cuban bashed Warren for her consistent demand for wealthy Americans to be taxed more.

Speaking on the topic of progressive Democrats calling for a tax hike on wealthy Americans, Cuban told host Kara Swisher, “I don’t mind being taxed more. I wrote a blog 20 years ago saying it’s the most patriotic thing you can do, after military service, is pay your taxes, because that’s what allows everybody to live and to [prosper].”

Cuban then blasted Warren, “But yeah, the idea of ‘soak the rich,’ billionaire tears that fill that cup — screw you, Elizabeth Warren. You’re everything that’s wrong with politics.”

Also during the interview, Cuban slammed the two-party system of U.S. politics.

“F***’em both,” Cuban exclaimed.

This isn’t the first time Cuban and Warren have clashed.

In October 2021, Cuban took Warren to task for supporting the Democrats’ tax plan for unrealized gains on investments.

“I don’t think Elizabeth Warren knows at all what she’s talking about when she deals with this,” Cuban said at the time. “I think she just likes to demonize people that are wealthy and that’s fine. It’s a great political move for her, but I just don’t think that they really understand the implications of taxing unrealized gains.”

Warren responded to the dig by saying, “Mark Cuban’s problem is not that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Mark Cuban’s problem is that I know exactly what I’m talking about.”

She threatened, “We need to change the laws so they’re not written just by the lobbyists for Mark Cuban and his buddies.”

In November 2019, Cuban accused Warren of deflecting from her own wealth while she argued for a huge tax plan on the rich as a presidential candidate.

“The reality for Elizabeth Warren is that this is as much to divert attention from her income and net worth as anything else,” the “Shark Tank” star said.

Mark Cuban has a net worth of $4.6 billion.

Warren has also battled with billionaire Elon Musk.

Warren called Musk a “freeloader” in regards to paying taxes, despite him declaring that he paid the most in taxes in American history in 2021.

Musk described Warren as “Senator Karen,” and advised her, “Don’t spend it all at once … oh wait you did already.”

Mark Cuban To Elizabeth Warren: Screw You!

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