Gavin Newsom has spent the past several months coming for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis; he just hasn’t been able to find DeSantis. And that’s probably because DeSantis has been too busy running circles around Newsom, what with doing things like keeping the power on and making room for refugees fleeing California for Florida.

And speaking of Californians fleeing to Florida, DeSantis had some thoughts on that:

If the truth hurts, Gavin Newsom must be in excruciating pain right now.

Do we hear four hours for tonight? Come on, California! We know you can do a lot more than three!

For Florida’s sake, we hope that the Californians smart enough to leave are also smart enough to have learned a valuable lesson. Otherwise, Gov. DeSantis is gonna have his work cut out for him.

Not that he can’t handle it, of course. He’s not Gavin Newsom, after all.



Here’s an ad that truly showcases the edge Gavin Newsom and California have on Ron DeSantis and Florida


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