When trying to make sense of the criminal violence ravaging Memphis, it’s important to recognize that culture kills, not color.

The fixation on color stands in the way of addressing the cultural rot that has turned the Home of the Blues into Satan’s House of Horror. Memphis is America’s most dangerous city. Each day brings new news of the chaos and anarchy terrorizing the Birthplace of Rock & Roll.

Wednesday, a teenage black boy streamed on Facebook Live his daylong shooting spree. Ezekiel Kelly’s murderous rampage caused Memphis residents to shelter in place as law enforcement hunted the deranged 19-year-old. Shooting out the window of two separate moving cars, Kelly allegedly killed four people and wounded three others in a “joyride” that started at 1 a.m. and ended in the early evening with his arrest.

Kelly is just the latest Memphis alleged killer to make national news.

A week ago, Cleotha Abston, a 38-year-old black man, allegedly abducted, raped, and murdered a schoolteacher out on an early-morning jog. In mid-July, a trio of Latino boys ages 15 to 20 allegedly murdered a 52-year-old female pastor during a carjacking. In mid-August, 32-year-old Tifanee Wright, a black woman, allegedly shot and killed a 60-year-old political activist in a dispute over money.

The recent high-profile spate of violence will make Memphis a national talking point. Memphis is the new Chicago, the new Baltimore, the new Philadelphia, the new Compton, the new Name the Major City plagued by violent crime.

The conversation will be justifiably framed as a “black” problem or a problem for “people of color.” Justifiable is not the same as accurate. Culture kills, not color.

Black people have embraced a culture of death.

Virtually every day on social media, someone accuses me of unfairly criticizing black people. I allegedly hate myself and other black people because I constantly criticize black influencers who advocate for black people by policing the behavior and culture of white people.

Yesterday, after I published my column about why South Carolina basketball coach Dawn Staley should fear Memphis far more than Provo, Utah, a man purporting to be a Christian minister complained that I was “anti the black agenda.” Staley canceled South Carolina’s games against Brigham Young University because a BYU fan allegedly yelled racial slurs at a Duke volleyball player. I argued that Staley’s players would be in far more danger when they played at Memphis in 2023.

I don’t hate myself or black people. I hate the culture black people have embraced. I’m critical of the high-profile advocates of the progressive, secular, hedonistic, and materialistic culture that currently defines “black culture.”

They have a worldview that directly opposes my biblical worldview. They believe the highest form of humanity is victimhood. I reject that. With Jesus on my side, I cannot fail. My ultimate victory is assured. They believe that white people control the destiny of black people. I reject that, too. They believe in the attainment of financial wealth by any means necessary. I don’t. They believe the improvement of white people improves black people. I believe my improvement improves me. I could go on and on.

Bottom line: “Tha Culture” is satanic. Its wicked intent and manifestation can be most easily seen in commercial hip-hop music.

Memphis’ importance to “Tha Culture” was elevated a year ago when a relatively unknown rapper, Young Dolph, was murdered. Corporate media and the other satanic co-conspirators all pretended that Young Dolph was Young Elvis Presley. Young Dolph was nothing more than a local Memphis rapper who promoted a satanic worldview.

His successor is his cousin, Jay Fizzle, a 28-year-old deadbeat with more than 20 kids. Fizzle recently sat down for an interview with at least 15 of his “baby mamas.” He wants to do a TV show about his kids and their mothers.

If you want to understand what’s the matter with Memphis, watch the Jay Fizzle interview on YouTube. If you want to understand why I call “Tha Culture” satanic, watch the Jay Fizzle interview.

“Baby mama” culture produces 19-year-olds who livestream their killing sprees. The destruction of family destroys all morals, norms, and order.

Culture kills, not color.

I will never apologize for hating the culture that celebrates, tolerates, and proliferates a mindset that teaches black people to see themselves as victims, dependent on white guilt, and criminals.

Our fixation on color prevents us from examining the culture we’ve adopted or been assigned.

Last week, the Tennessee Titans announced a partnership with the Memphis rap group Three Six Mafia. The NFL franchise hired DJ Paul and Juicy J to write a theme song for the organization. This is an example of the NFL being “inclusive” and reaching out to the black community.

Three Six Mafia is a clever way of saying 666, the number that signifies the Devil, the antichrist. It’s taken from the Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verse 18: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.”

The evil is hiding in plain sight. Look at the NFL’s choice in Super Bowl halftime entertainment last year – Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. The most powerful force in popular culture – the NFL – believes the best way to show affection toward black people is by embracing a musical genre that celebrates a satanic worldview.

Tha Culture is killing us. It’s not white people or black people killing us. It’s the culture we’ve chosen to embrace.

I’m going to continue objecting to this culture. I’m going to continue criticizing the black and white people who promote this death culture. If that makes me a sellout, consider me bought and sold.

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