All right, kids. It’s time to add a new entry to your copy of “The Big Book of Things You Didn’t Know Were Racist but Are Totally Racist Now.”

Huge thanks to Vice for bringing this one to our attention:

Police dogs are racist, ackshually. This is top-tier journalism, you guys.

Gold, Jerry. Gold!

Let’s go:

When The Experts™ get involved, you know you’re in for a real treat.

And it was in the 1950s that the German shepherd emerged as the K-9 of choice. Coincidence? Vice thinks not:

By this time, the German shepherd was the most popular kind of police dog, and is still most commonly associated with K-9s today. The breed was used against those held captive in concentration camps during World War II.

Hitler often referred to the German shepherd as the canine equivalent to the Aryan race. While experts don’t know how much Germany’s use of the dog affected U.S. police departments’ decision to use them, there was a similar affinity for this particular breed, according to Parry.

“If you read police magazines and development of the canine unit, they’ll even say the German shepherd was selected because to them it looked like a police officer,” Parry said. “The shape of its face, the color, the color pattern that its fur had, the sleek look that it held, the way it ran, its aggression. It was considered a perfect specimen for police work.”

“You know who else liked German shepherds? HITLER.”

Someone should probably tell Black German shepherd owners that they’re self-loathing and helping to perpetuate racism.

Guess Black people can’t wear shoes anymore, either. And they can forget about eating donuts.

What a time to be alive.




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