Oh look, Taylor Lorenz bullied another site. Gosh, we’re shocked.

Luckily, dear reader, you know us all too well and know we’re being completely sarcastic because as of yet, we have not found a ‘sarcasm’ font. Now, if you have followed anything with Kiwifarms coming down, you’ve heard nothing but how awful the site was, the threats, and how it HAD to come down because … reasons.

But when you read threads from people who are actually familiar with what happened, like Téa Smith, you see there was a whole lot more to the story that our pals in the media don’t seem to care about covering.

Take a look.

Just Twitch drama. Totally.

COMPLETELY unrelated that Taylor is employed by a Cloudflare competitor …

Seems Téa is familiar with how Taylor reacts when she’s called out. It’s always the other party who is the bad guy, and she’s the victim. We watched that firsthand as she tried to destroy the woman behind Libs of TikTok’s life. Remember when she was harassing her family and friends in the name of journalism?


Nothing to see here.


Psychos in power don’t like to be exposed, apparently.

Cheers for Team Internet.




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