Full transparency, we do not pretend to understand Australian politics (heck, we can barely keep up with American politics some days), but this back and forth between the heads of two different parties about the death of Queen Elizabeth is something to behold.

We weren’t exactly shocked to see this hate from Mehreen Faruqi as it seems to be the popular narrative from SUPER left people on social media. They are beyond even far-left … which says a lot. Faruqi is the head of the Australian Greens:

Blah blah blah, colonization blah blah blah.

Justice and reparations … she could easily be part of BLM here in the states.

Note, Faruqi also shut down replies to her tweet. So brave, much stunning.

Welp, Pauline Hanson was none too happy with Faruqi’s tweet; Hanson is a right-wing populist who is the founder and leader of One Nation.


Grab the popcorn, because then EVERYONE got pissed.

Weird indeed.

This did not go well for her, like, at all.

Because cowards always do.



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