The purge continues and yesterday we saw the spectacle they put on when they “perp-walked” Steve Bannon past the cameras for the delight of the far left who call the shots on almost everything anymore. But it didn’t break Bannon’s spirit, he told Charlie Kirk today. In fact he said it was one of the “best days of his life” and a spriritual experience for him.

“A lot of things came into high clarity,” he said.

But he also broke the news of some 35 raids on Trump allies across the country.

“There were 35 FBI raids yesterday,” said Bannon. “There’s another grand jury coming together on Jan. 6… There were 35 senior members of MAGA, Republicans, supporters of Donald Trump, the FBI rolled in on. When they didn’t need to do it. All these people have lawyers.”

Raids and devices seized.

“The jack-booted Gestapo has got to show up at their door and make a big display of this, so there is so much going on that people don’t even know at so many levels.”

This has barely begun and it’s going to get worse, you better believe that.


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