Now that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, takes on British colonization (or even its brutal and bloody decolonization) are a dime a dozen. But it took someone special to come up with a take so heinous that Twitter removed it. Carnegie Mellon’s Uju Anya tweeted, “I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.” Carnegie Mellon put out a statement saying Anya’s words did not reflect the value of the institution — pretty weak — but an editor at MSNBC found it “troubling” that the university might not want to be tainted by such an awful tweet.

Zeeshan Aleem writes:

Universities almost never issue statements like this because the very premise of a university is to serve as a bastion of independent thinking and provide a forum for intellectual free-for-alls. A university would never be presumed to endorse any of its scholars’ individual beliefs, which is key for academia as a space for provocation to thrive. So in effect, this statement was a condemnation and implicitly a signal to other academics at the university that they should watch their mouth on certain matters. While the motivation behind the unusual statement is unclear, it underscores how vulnerable public intellectuals are to controversy-driven social media pile-ons.

Cutting her loose would have been a signal to other academics to watch their mouths.

And the queen was supposedly setting foreign policy at the time?

We’re guessing she has tenure and can fully indulge in her mental health issues.


Editor’s Note:


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