Earlier this year, Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell made it known that “unity is our antidote”:

There’s the “how it started” portion, and here’s the “how it’s going” chaser from this week:

Are the “us” he refers to the ones with the nukes and F-15s?

There’s a lot of projection coming from the Left, and Swalwell’s one of the best at it.

How much more “unity” can the country handle?

Swalwell’s rhetoric isn’t really much different than Biden’s during his “soul of democracy” harangue in Philly just over a week ago.

Narrator: But Swalwell had no intention of stopping.

And speaking of the “us” Swalwell referred to…

Hopefully in November Swalwell and the Democrats are given some idea of just how many of “them” there are.



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