Jazz legend Wynton Marsalis was on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday and… I mean, I”m sorry but what the HELL was he talking about in this clip? That’s my main question.

Because when Bill Maher was asking about sanctuary cities, Marsalis responded that black people don’t go to school in America, or something? I mean what in the actual hell?

Bill Maher had just finished saying that the Republican governors who are shipping migrants north and east are exposing the Democrats as hypocrites about immigration. Then some dude who was his other guest tried to deflect by whining about how Republicans used to be nice and cool and now they’re all evil and jerks.

So then Maher asked Marsalis about it, and the jazz great said that you don’t see black people in schools “really” and that everyone is told that — I guess black Americans? Or immigrants maybe? — are coming for their jobs.


I mean seriously what. What? What in the what?

If you ask me, joking aside, this is pretty typical of the point of view of Democrats, particularly black Democrats, who are only somewhat engaged. People who spend more time worrying about their jobs, their families, their church, their lives than what is going on in D.C. And yes that is a very good thing, it’s great to pay more attention to the real world. NO fault there for Mr. Marsalis.

BUT he obviously hears just enough from people like Tiffany Cross on MSNBC or from Democrat politicians that get air time in every TV show and all over pop culture to believe in an insane version of America that doesn’t exist. Where black Americans are denied schooling and white supremacists are lurking behind every corner.

I’m not mad at him, I’m sad for him. If he were this misinformed on the right, the media would mock and humiliate him for it. But they are happy about it when it’s from the left.

Because that means their brainwashing is working as intended.

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