“We were able to come together as a country.” The despicable Hillary Clinton said that in her interview with Dana Bash on CNN, talking about 9/11, right before she said this:

“We have also, I think, been reminded of how important it is to try to deal with extremism of any kind. Especially when it uses violence to try to achieve political and ideological goals. So I’m one who thinks there are lessons still to be learned from what happened to us on 9/11 that we should be very aware of during this time in our country.”

Of course, she is saying that Republicans and MAGA are extremists who use violence. That’s the message for weeks now from Biden, and their plan was always to use that on 9/11 to compare Donald Trump and his supporters to literal terrorists responsible for the most significant terror attack in history.

I guarantee libs are out there right now saying “if you think that she’s talking about you then you must know what you are” or some crap like that.

NO, we know because you say it every chance you get and the CNN-led media can’t stop pitching it every hour of ever day. That’s how the hell we know what she meant: WE’RE SUPPOSED TO. That’s the whole damn IDEA, obviously.

Kamala was doing it more explicitly earlier this year.

And do we really have to bring up Biden’s speech? Obviously this is all part of the plan. They know if they have to win on doing a good job they can’t win.

So they are trying to make people afraid. Either afraid of MAGA or afraid of being identified as MAGA and getting raided, swatted, locked up for months on end, or worse.

Of all the disgusting people to put out front on this, getting the terror sympathizing, classified intel hoarding, global bribe machine running, 9/11 unpreparedness fostering, Benghazi scumbag HILLARY out there is just absolutely perfect, isn’t it? Speaks volumes about where the left and the media are.


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