Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman will commemorate the 21st anniversary of 9/11 by holding a pro-abortion rally featuring Alexis McGill Johnson, president of Planned Parenthood. Aside from the unseemly rally celebrating death on the anniversary of 3,000 Americans losing their lives, McGill Johnson is also a major booster of the “defund the police” movement — the movement that Democrats say they absolutely, positively don’t support and that Republicans are just lying about that.

Fetterman might have found a different date to call out Dr. Oz for his support of abortion bans, but for him and many of his fellow Democrats, 9/11 is just another day, not worth mentioning. To do so would demonstrate Islamophobia and we wouldn’t want that.

Besides, it would hurt the feelings of Muslims and we wouldn’t want that either.

Washington Examiner:

The rally also comes as Republicans have slammed Fetterman for backing policies that would allow some inmates to be released or get more lenient sentencing — accusing the Democrat of being soft on crime.

Sunday’s rally is one of a few public appearances Fetterman has made since recovering from a stroke in mid-May, sending a signal of hope to Democrats who are seeking to gain the Senate seat in order to maintain their majorities in Congress come November.

Is Fetterman well enough to serve? If he isn’t, we’d never hear about it from national Democrats. Democrats will keep Fetterman in the race no matter what they have to do.

For our VIPs: Will Fetterman’s Stroke Become a Liability Now?

In addition to his stroke, Fetterman also suffers from a serious heart disease.

Fetterman was hospitalized in mid-May after suffering a stroke just days before winning the nomination for Senate in Pennsylvania, a key swing state in the midterm elections in November, later conceding he “almost died.” He was then diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a condition that causes the heart muscle to become weakened and enlarged.

However, he maintains that the incident would not hinder him from completing his Senate duties.

Fetterman is either tone-deaf for inviting a prominent “defund the police” advocate to a rally on a day when we honor all first responders for their sacrifices, or he doesn’t care. Either way, Republicans should take note and highlight Fetterman’s disinterest in 9/11 during the campaign.

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