Chuck Todd interviewed Kamala Harris on ‘Meet the Press’ and this back and forth with him and the current vice president (it’s nuts that she’s one heartbeat away, right?!) is something else. She flat-out lies about the border being secure, Todd can’t believe it because he knows millions are crossing illegally so he pushes back, and she doubles down.


Would you call the border secure? THE BORDER IS SECURE.


You know if Chuck pushed back her lie was monumentally bad. While the Left likes to complain about Chuck, he’s definitely not a combative pundit when it comes to Democrats. This is insane.

They’ve taken care of that – if we push back on their lies they accuse us of being a THREAT TO MUH DEMOCRACY.

Pretty easy to lie when the people you’re pandering to think anyone who challenges you is a Russian asset or an insurrectionist.

This just got worse and worse.

Jibberish. Now THERE’S a good word for Kamala Harris when she speaks.

Unless of course, it’s a shot or a mask, right Kammy? Then you’re AOK with telling women what to do with their bodies. We watched it FIRSTHAND.

Ugh, why is Kamala so bad at all of this?

Oh, that’s right.

Because she was picked due to her sex and skin color. NOW we remember.



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