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Steve Bannon is second only to President Trump on the Deep State’s and Biden-Harris regime’s list of targets to hit as hard as possible now and likely the way until Democrats are no longer in control of the House and Senate. Oversight will (hopefully) kick in at that point and the Department of Justice will have to answer tough questions. In the meantime, they can go after anyone they want and Bannon is #2 on their Most Wanted List.

Whether it’s bucking the fake January 6 Unselect Committee or working with a patriot group to help secure the border, Bannon has done things that put him in the crosshairs. But it’s not really the “crimes” he allegedly committed that have the left so riled up. It’s the goals that he supports that act as existential threats to the Democrats’ gaslighting.

His popular conservative show only adds to the reasons the Deep State has to go after him. Why? Because he often uses that show to go after them. His causes run contrary to theirs so they hate him.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene explained why they really went after Bannon and threw in a smack about what their real goals are in one Tweet:

If Steve Bannon had raised money for mastectomies and castration of 14 year olds, the regime would have made him a hero. But instead Bannon cares about America first and the Democrats only care about sexualizing our children.

This isn’t really about Steve Bannon. It isn’t even really about Donald Trump. The persecution they’re experiencing from federal law enforcement are attacks against ALL of the America First patriots who are trying to save this nation.

They’re Trying to Shut Us Down

Over the last several months, I’ve lost count of how many times the powers-that-be have tried to shut us down. They’ve sent hackers at us, forcing us to take extreme measures on web security. They sent attorneys after us, but thankfully we’re not easily intimidated by baseless accusations or threats. They’ve even gone so far as to make physical threats. Those can actually be a bit worrisome but Remington has me covered.

For us to continue to deliver the truth that Americans need to read and hear, we ask you, our amazing audience, for financial assistance. We just launched a GiveSendGo page to help us pay the bills. It’s brand new so don’t be discouraged by the lack of donations there. It’s a funny reality that the fewer the donations that have been made, the less likely people are willing to donate to it. One would think this is counterintuitive, but sometimes people are skeptical because they think that perhaps there’s a reason others haven’t been donating. In our situation, we’re just getting started so please don’t be shy if you have the means to help.

Thank you and God bless!

JD Rucker

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