Hey, good news! Even if you’re having a hard time affording gas and groceries, WaPo says you’re feeling better about the economy. No, really.

Sure, you’re paying a least a dollar more per gallon of gas than even a year ago (far more than when Trump was president) and grocery staples like milk, butter, bread, and meat continue to climb in cost (if you can even find them at the store) BUT HEY. You’re feeling better about the economy.

Yeah, we made a similar face.

From WaPo:

Consumer sentiment, which hit rock bottom in June, has begun inching up in recent weeks. Gas prices are down. Decades-high inflation appears to be easing. And at the same time, Americans are making small changes — buying meat in bulk, for example, or shifting more of their shopping to discount chains — suggesting that many families are learning to deal with higher prices.

“While consumer sentiment is still fairly low by historic standards, we’re starting to see pretty dramatic improvements,” said Joanne W. Hsu, an economist at the University of Michigan and director of its closely watched consumer surveys. “It’s very much being driven by a slowdown in inflation, particularly with the decline in gas prices.”

An economist at the University of Michigan.



Biden’s economy.

Biden’s America.

Yay us.

Only stupid people … you know, the 1 in 3 Americans who think Biden is still doing a good job.

And all too predictable.



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