Keith Olbermann went straight-up angry white liberal ‘man’ when he came across this segment between Jason Whitlock and Royce White. Apparently, he felt completely justified in calling them stupid and implying they sold out for rich old men.

Watch this.

They’re right.

Oh, we know, they want us to believe they hate Trump because WHITE SUPREMACY or INSURRECTION or RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA but the reality is they hate him because he punched them back, right in the mouth. Leftists had grown comfortable steamrolling the right (it’s rude to fight back or something), so when Trump came along and fought back … they lost their minds.

They’re still losing their minds and the guy has been out of office for nearly two years.

Look at this … this is racist, right? That’s how this all works?

And if anyone knows about being stupid, self-righteous, condescending, Dunning-Kruger test subjects, it’s Keith.

What a toad.

Luckily, Royce was having NONE of it.

Liberal yuppies.

That works.

He continued.


What he said.

White liberals do not like it when Black people don’t think, speak, act, and do as they’re told.

Some things never change.

Sure looks that way.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.



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