Time is quickly running out to comment on a proposed amendment to Title IX. Specifically, it runs out tonight. Title IX is the regulation prohibiting discrimination based on sex. The Department of Education is proposing an amendment that would add a provision to include ‘gender identity’.

From the Federal Register:

The Department therefore proposes that the current regulations should be amended to provide greater clarity regarding the scope of sex discrimination, including recipients’ obligations not to discriminate based on sex stereotypes, sex characteristics, pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Further, the Department proposes that the current regulations could better account for the variety of education programs or activities covered by Title IX, which include recipients’ education programs or activities serving students in elementary schools, secondary schools, and postsecondary institutions.

There is also a proposal to, as Just the News put it, “lower the bar” for discrimination investigations and remove due process for students accused of sexual misconduct

Just the News notes that multiple groups have taken issue with the matter, including Parents Defending Education, the Child & Parental Rights Campaign, the Women’s Liberation Front, and the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, or FAIR.

In a Sept. 6 letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, FAIR accused the DOE of usurping decisions best left to the schools or made through a democratic process. The group argued that refurbishing facilities to meet an increased and complicated demand would be costly for some institutions. FAIR also noted that broadening the term “sex-based harassment” would infringe on students’ free speech rights and increase the chance of students, staff, or faculty members facing charges without due process based on someone’s say-so. In other words, if you do not call someone by their preferred pronouns or accidentally call them by the wrong ones, you could conceivably find yourself on the business end of sexual misconduct charges.

Getting the pronouns right can be harder than you think. Just out of curiosity, I looked up how many genders there are these days. Healthline had 68, just for starters. Helpful Professor lists 81. According to Medicine Net, there are 72. I stopped at Gender Wiki, which catalogs 360. If you are interested, you can visit the site. You would be reading this all day if I listed them in their entirety.

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The ideas of allowing women to participate in sports and activities and keeping them safe from sexual harassment, assault, and abuse are sound, sane, and necessary. But if we are up to 360 genders and counting, there will never be enough inclusivity to go around. And what’s more, identity itself will become meaningless.

And really, I don’t care if you think you are a man, woman, elf, dog, or rhododendron. Be whatever you are and enjoy it. But the plethora of gender identities speaks more to a generation of people who believe that society and, for that matter, the world should be designed to meet their needs. And while these people may not know it, those in power are all too happy to cater to these kinds of things. A satiated population or one that demands satiation is easy to manipulate and easy to control. “Why yes, catself. We’ll be happy to give you your own locker room. And bathroom. And a room with a scratching post and a sunny spot where you can curl up and take a nap.” And catself takes another step to becoming a lifetime ward of the state. Ironically, one of the biggest losers in this amendment could be catself, since he/she/it will remain infantilized for that much longer.

Keeping up with the Federal Register is no easy thing. It could practically be a full-time job. But it does underscore the need for you to stay abreast of just what is going on and the myriad of rules, laws, proposals, amendments, and bills that affect your life. At PJ Media, we do our best every day to find the stories that are “below the fold” or on the back burner. Things you need to know. It isn’t to make you angry, get clicks, or start a debate in the comments section. Ideally, you’ll take the ball and run with it. You’ll make your voice heard. The world is run by the people who show up.

It may be a little close to the 11th hour, but you can read the proposal from Biden’s DOE here.  You can submit your comments on this site.

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