This clip comes from the DeSantis War Room so I’m not certain where it was shot. Looks like a small campaign stop obviously and Crist is rambling on in a way that is utterly laughable. First he compares his campaign posters to the Ukrainian flag and implies says he’s fighting for freedom just like President Zelensky. But then it gets even worse.

“This is an election about decency,” Crist said. He continued, “About being decent to one another. About being kind to everyone. It’s called a Florida for all. You know we got a divider on the other side and a uniter over here.”

And literally one second after extolling decency and being kind to everyone, Crist changes gears rather dramatically.

“You know some people call him DeSatan. Have you heard that?” Crist asked.

Someone in the crowd responded that was “one of the nicer” labels given to Gov. DeSantis and Crist replied, “I’m trying to be nice.”

“DeSatan vs. that,” he said pointing to his name on a poster behind him. Someone in the room got it and said, “Christ.”

“Think about it,” Crist added. I’m sure there’s a lot of deep theological thinking going on there. Here’s the clip.

Does Crist really have a chance in this race? The Hill has a story up today saying Democrats are optimistic.

…recent polling has reignited Democratic interest in Florida, fueling hope among party operatives and officials that they just might be able to oust Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio (R) this year and reassert Florida’s reputation as a swing state.

“I don’t want to sound overly optimistic. We still have a lot of work to do,” said one Democratic consultant involved in key races in Florida. “But things are trending in the right direction.”

Democrats got their latest boost this week from two new polls that suggest their top candidates may be starting to close the gap with DeSantis and Rubio.

One, from Susquehanna Polling and Research, found Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for governor, trailing DeSantis by a narrow 4-point margin, within the survey’s margin of error. The same poll found Rep. Val Demings, the Democratic Senate nominee, running just 3 points behind Rubio.

The other poll was paid for by AARP and showed Crist down by three points. This race may be closer than it was a couple months ago but FiveThirtyEight’s average of polls still has DeSantis up 6 points. Even the Hill story trying to make this sound like a tossup admits not everyone on the Democratic side believes in Crist (pun intended).

In one sign that some Democratic groups are still hesitant to put too much stock in Florida this year, many of the party’s largest donors and outside groups have held off on spending money in the state. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, for instance, spent tens of millions of dollars in the state in 2020, but has only given about $1 million to the state Democratic Party this year.

Likewise, Priorities USA, the largest Democratic super PAC, hasn’t announced any plans for Florida this year, despite spending heavily in other key battleground states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada.

Perhaps the biggest problem for Democrats is that DeSantis is popular outside Florida and as a result has raised a tremendous amount of money. Charlie Crist appears to be nearly broke.

As of Aug. 19, DeSantis’ political operation raised $172 million, more than 11 times the $15.3 million Crist’s political operation reported raising…

Crist will have to overcome a major fundraising gap. Crist’s campaign reported nearly $827,000 on hand and his political action committee, Friends of Charlie Crist, reported just over $656,000 on hand as of Aug. 19. DeSantis’ political operation reported $132.5 million on hand – over $10 million with his campaign and $122.4 million in his PAC.

Anything can happen but I don’t think a Charlie Crist victory is likely. He can keep calling the governor “Satan” to amuse far left partisans but this is not a serious message or one that’s going to win.

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