We haven’t written about Dean Obeidallah in a while, especially since he got his britches all bunched up and blocked this editor the last time we wrote about him. For being such a tough guy on Twitter, he sure doesn’t like it when people point and laugh at him.

And you know, that’s what we do here.

Welp, the weekend of September 11 seemed to inspire Dean to tweet some especially horrible and stupid things (mainly for attention, we know) even comparing half of this country to the literal terrorists that killed 3000 innocent Americans that terrible day. Tell us you’re either an unhinged sociopath or desperate for clicks and taps without telling us you’re either an unhinged sociopath or desperate for clicks and taps …

How seriously braindead does this guy have to be to compare Trump to Bin Laden? Seriously?

This … didn’t go over so hot for ol’ Dean.

We’re honestly shocked he hasn’t blocked Schlichter yet.

Someone ask Dean if MAGA is in the room with him right now.

BUT TRUUUUUMP seems to be all the guy knows.

This is an insult to dumb people.

Because CNN is going down the tubes anyway, what do they care at this point?

THERE it is.

Dean had a bunch of other stupid crap on his timeline, he must’ve thought since the one gross tweet exploiting 9/11 worked so well he’d stick with it … these did not get the attention of the original but they’re still lame enough for us to include them.





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