Like many congresspeople, on Sunday Washington Democrat Pramila Jayapal posted a 9/11 tweet. MediaIte reported that it did not stay up for very long. The tweet read: “Today we remember the 2,996 people who were killed on 9/11 and all those who lost their lives while serving our country in the forever wars that followed.” At first blush, it seems like a nice gesture. Until you do the math. There were 2,977 victims in those attacks. The extra 19 would include the terrorists who caused the death and carnage. Truth be told, she sent out the same tweet last year. Newsmax reports that Matthew Foldi, who works for the Free Beacon and is a GOP congressional candidate, picked it up on Sunday and retweeted it before Jayapal’s team pulled it down.

Foldi was not the only one to take notice and umbrage. According to MediaIte, Jason Rantz tweeted: “Never forget that Pramila Jayapal included terrorists in the 9/11 death toll. She did in 2021 and again in 2022.” One user said, “2,977 people died on 9/11. Rep. Jayapal wants to make sure you understand that she’s remembering the 19 hijackers who murdered the other 2,977 people all together as one. She just wanted to make sure you knew.”

Others said:

“OMG she added in the 19 hijackers to the people ‘we’ mourn on 9/11. No, the number of people killed was 2,977. We do not mourn the hijacker Rep. Jayapal. Perhaps you do, but we do not.”

I’ll remember the 2,977 victims, and not the 19 terrorists, but you do you.

Once again @RepJayapal demonstrates her hate for America by adding the 19 terrorists to those lost on 9/11. It’s sad that racist antiAmericans like Jayapal take up seats in Congress. When will Americans wake up and vote these domestic terrorists out of office? @Breck_Worsham

From Curt Schlling: “Pramila Jayapal Includes 9/11 Terrorists Among ‘People Who Were Killed‘… via @BreitbartNews Of course she does. Not sure she’s ever hid her anti-america pro-Palestein ignorance. The left VOTES for these people.”

Jayapal apparently had two other tweets, on Sunday, one of which read: “9/11 is when my path into activism and organizing truly began. So much changed that day, and so much has happened in the intervening two decades but our work still continues. The other said, “Today we must remember the communities right here at home that suffered so much — not only through the terrorist attacks that affected every American’s psyche, but also the hate, discrimination, and erosion of civil liberties they had to endure.”

Maybe Jayapal thought no one would notice since many people around today had not been born or were too young to remember those events. And maybe the other two tweets were attempts to walk the gaffe back, although it was probably not a gaffe. Whether she was just being cute or sneaky, Jayapal memorialized the men who sent thousands to their graves and forever changed the country. I am only theorizing here, but I do not think it was an accident or an oversight. In the minds of many leftists, the U.S. had it coming and the 2,977 people who died that day were collateral damage. Unfortunate, but probably necessary in the worldview of the Left. The not-so-subtle message here is that the real issue of 9/11 is not the devastating terrorist attack, but racism. Specifically American racism.

The 19 butchers who sent so many people to their deaths should be remembered for their evil and treachery. Remembered, but never memorialized.

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