It’s been a bumpy ride on Twitter lately, and we think you all deserve to have a good laugh.

You know, one of those laughs that make your eyes bulge out, even if it is quasi-childish humor.

Oh boy. This is teed up for the kind of ‘I really shouldn’t’ humor Twitter was made for.

As we reported previously, Fetterman recently became inflamed when his opponent, Dr. Oz, brought up his stroke. To be clear, there is no indication Fetterman’s irregular nape shape has anything to do with his recent health struggles. Obviously, we wish him a speedy recovery. With that said, queue up the jokes.

We hope you weren’t drinking. LOL.

That’s knot right!

The laughter is starting to swell.

HAHAHA! If you know, you know.


Stop it! We’re about to burst!

Sorry to lump you all together, but you’re wrong for laughing at these!

Ok, that’s too much! Cease and decyst!

We are now deceased.

Congratulations, we’re all horrible people. lol. We should all work on some personal growth.


Editor’s Note:

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