Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman spoke yesterday at Montgomery County Community College to remind all those Women for Fetterman out there that he’s a big supporter of abortion rights.

Dear God.

We wish we could say that was the worst part of that performance. Lord knows we wish we could say that. But we can’t say that. Because there was much more where that bit of cringe came from:

“Highlights.” The thing is, those really are the highlights. This is John Fetterman at his best.

And that’s genuinely disturbing.

Mehmet Oz is far from an ideal Republican Senate candidate. But at least Oz is coherent and doesn’t struggle to express himself.

In a sense, we get that. Fetterman’s personal views alone make him a bad choice. But his coherence or lack thereof is still relevant, because he has a very real shot at being the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, and his state of mind puts him at risk of either making irrational decisions or not even being able to make decisions at all and effectively becoming a tool for more powerful Senate Dems.

This is bad, guys. Everyone should be concerned.

And perhaps the people who should be most concerned of all are the people who claim to care about him the most.

It’s exploitative and borderline abusive for Fetterman’s family to allow him to continue campaigning. That’s been the case with Joe Biden’s family as well. Why do Democrats do this?


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