Apple TV+ launched a new series called “Gutsy” on Friday and this is one of the awkward clips from the show.

It’s Hillary Clinton talking ‘WAP’ with her daughter Chelsea and the artist who performed with Cardi B in the song, Megan Thee Stallion.

If you don’t know what ‘WAP’ means, look it up. Be advised that it’s a disgusting and lewd song, which makes this clip of Hillary talking about it even more awkward and cringeworthy.

Hillary mentions the song as if it’s just some normal hit, saying her daughter used to listen to it. But it’s R-rated garbage and not something you should ever let your children listen to.

This clip is apparently what Apple thinks is good TV. As an Apple user, I’ve never subscribed to their TV/movie service and if this is the kind of stuff they are putting out, I never will.

If you need a palate cleanser, try this on for size:

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