Arizona Republican congressman Andy Biggs appeared on Newsmax on Tuesday, reacting to VP Kamala Harris’s remarks about the border being secure. Biggs called Harris a “knucklehead” and accused the administration of lying about the situation. Biggs commented, “Under the Biden administration, this year alone, it’s been 340,000…That’s the number that we’ll end up with in just a couple of weeks. I’ve been down there so many times, and Kamala Harris can’t even get out of the airport with a margarita in her hand to go to the border.” He added, “Yuma’s getting 1,000 people a day who are being encountered, not to mention the thousands a day that come across the border and get away…they’re bringing in drugs like you can’t believe. They’re smuggling humans. It’s inhumane.”

Members of the Biden administration refuse to visit the border because then they would have to confront situations such as the ones highlighted in this video from Fox News:

Of course, Biden and company have never let facts get in the way of a good campaign strategy. Or, for that matter, the perception of reality that is swallowed and regurgitated by the media and that they would like to see consumed by the citizens. And many citizens are gulping up the narrative.

But the situation at the border is inhumane. The rape trees, human trafficking, thirst, starvation, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and death are all inhumane. We know about that side of the inhumanity. But what is often overlooked by the administration and the media, probably intentionally, is the way that the residents of those border towns are suffering. You can learn more about that in this video:

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Now it is well-known amongst our so-called social and intellectual betters that anyone who has issues with unchecked immigration is a xenophobe, or worse yet, a racist. But did you notice something about the video above? One would expect it to have been filled with white ranchers and farmers, angry rednecks waving guns and Trump flags, and lily-white soccer moms and Karens in their Lexus SUVs. That is, if the Left’s narrative were true. But in fact, the video shows a decent cross-section of Eagle Pass, Texas, and the concern is obviously not limited to a single demographic. As much as Democrats want to pretend it is.

Make no mistake: Biden, Harris, and everyone else in the White House knows exactly what is going on at the border. They know about the problems that the illegal immigrants are dealing with and the problems that they are creating for residents. They are just ignoring it, at least until after the next round of elections, and hoping that you won’t notice. And they’ll probably keep ignoring it until well after 2024.

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