You’d think the Biden administration would put our own military before sending money to a country in a war that’s not our war but apparently, you’d be wrong. We’ve lost track of the billions and billions of our tax dollars Biden has sent to Ukraine … but in the meantime, our own military is being encouraged to apply for food stamps.

Read that again.

From Rebel News:

Even as Biden commits billions more to the conflict in Eastern Europe, the U.S. military is reportedly falling short on compensation for troops amid the higher cost of living, the Daily Caller reported late Monday.

The dire situation has caused a significant decline in recruitment, with the Army predicted to its recruitment goals by as much as 25% in 2022.

In August, the U.S. Army recommended service members apply for food stamps, while the Air Force cut incentive pay for challenging assignments. The pay raises authorized in the National Defense Act for 2023 failed to keep pace with soaring inflation.

According to The Washington Post, Reserve and National Guard service members experienced food insecurity at almost twice the rate of the general population regardless of demographic factors, per data from the U.S. Census Bureau in June 2021.

But hey, we’re sending billions of dollars to Zelensky so he can take part in fancy photo shoots for fancy magazines.

Meanwhile, our military personnel are being told to sign up for welfare.

There it is.

Fair enough.

Biden has turned us into Zelensky’s piggy bank.



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