Karen Bass is a Democrat Representative running for Mayor of Los Angeles and, has repeatedly called for and supported gun control, and she recently stated she felt safe in LA. While she has been feeling so safe, her home in LA was broken into, and according to Bass herself, two guns were taken despite being ‘safely and securely stored.’

Oh, were they now?

Here is the clip of her rating her feelings of safety in LA as a 10.

Since the break-in, both small and large conservative accounts have pointed out the double standards. You should probably not have guns but she sure as heck can!

That line of thought must have been making an impact because a fairly prominent Leftist account had to try and make up an answer.

Seems like a big stretch to protect one of his own and at least one other user agreed.

After the break-in story had been around a few days, we found many who began asking questions since nothing else was stolen from the home.

OK, so we feel a tiny bit guilty for laughing at the next one, but when we saw it we may have spit water on the screen so it had to be included.

And this one made us LOL. Can’t you hear Ricky Ricardo’s voice so clearly? We could!

Welp, Little Miss LA is safe, owned guns that must not have been stored as safe and secure as she said because they were stolen STILL wants to tell you what you can do with your own guns! START EXPLAINING KAREN!


Editor’s Note:

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