News BROKE last night about a big, scary, SUPER evil abortion ban Senate Republicans will likely introduce today. Cries of HANDMAID’S TALE and WHITE NATIONALISM are all over the talking points from our pals on the Left and in the media (we know, same difference) – and when you look at the proposed legislation their melodrama and panic actually make sense.

This new bill would restrict abortions after 15 weeks.

Not six weeks. Not a heartbeat. 15 weeks.

A limit the majority of Americans actually supports. So of COURSE they’re going to try and message this as a BAN! They know Democrats will have to go on the record supporting late-term abortion if they propose this restriction, and we all know that will hurt them, especially incumbents.

Media can’t have that!

Case in point:

Not a word about the actual restriction.

Nice of her to mention the ban length in the NEXT tweet, not the original tweet that yahoos, haters, and nutjobs will run with to shriek about REPUBLICANS BANNING ABORTION.

Most Americans want abortion legal, but they also want it restricted right around 15 weeks, that’s the actual beauty of this bill.

This seems like a smart move from our pals on the Right, making Democrats defend their support of late-term abortions while being proactive in the pro-life policy realm which will make the portion of the Republican Party that wants them to do something about abortion happy.

Besides, if this was actually not beneficial to the Right, the Left wouldn’t be working so hard to manipulate and control the message already.

Look at Ted Lieu:

Lower costs? Bigger paychecks? Safer communities?


Oh, Ted, wow.

He wasn’t the only one …

No, they’re introducing a bill to restrict abortion at an acceptable to most Americans gestation week nationwide.

Let that sink in.

Notice how none of them are mentioning the actual restriction and just call it a ban.



They’re certainly getting what they pay for with this guy.

Again, no mention of the limit.


Also, this is a lie about the life of the mother … but we digress.

Gosh, a lot of men pushing this half-truth.

Funny how that works.

Oh look, the guy who’s actually pulling Biden’s strings chimed in.

How nice.

Ultimately this is what will happen:

Good luck with that, Democrats.



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