Every now and then you might hear somebody ask “I wonder who’s really calling the shots at the White House?”

The choice of opening entertainment at yesterday’s White House “celebration” over the Inflation Reduction Act (while inflation increased and the stock market plunged) might indicate that the answer to the above question is John Kerry — at least when it comes to who chooses the performers. James Taylor opened up this particular festival of gaslighting with a performance of “Fire and Rain”:

Astute observers spotted something about that particular song:

Nailed it, Biden White House!

Having a rich entertainer come and sing at a celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act just after it was announced that inflation ticked up and the stock market was taking a plunge and then sending him back to Martha’s Vineyard is peak Biden administration.

The band from the Titanic would have been a more fitting choice.

This administration is either the most tone deaf in history or is intentionally trolling the entire country.



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