Happy Wednesday, everybody! Let’s make it a good on— hol’ up”

OK, there’s gotta be some pretty amazing context behind that tweet.

And there is. And it’s better than you could ever have imagined:

Jo here is apparently a person of some import on Twitter. We don’t know her from Adam (or Eve), but she’s got more than 600K followers as well as website where she hawks her wares. So she’s kind of a big deal, OK? She must be, if she was able to get a pic with President Joe Freaking Biden, right?

What a fun, sexy time for her.

He smells even better than that, according to Jo:

That’s a pretty vivid description.

It’s also creepy and weird AF. What the hell, Jo?

That tweet is not really safe for any ages. Jeebus.

Heh. That’s maybe not such a bad idea, though …

What that guy said.

Doesn’t she, though?

It’s not a good idea to get close enough to Joe Biden to be able to smell him. Also, as a general rule, STOP SNIFFING PEOPLE.

Well, don’t even think about joining Jo’s cult. Because it looks like her screening process is pretty rigorous and she’s not willing to let just anyone in:


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