Remember when the president said this guy is the ‘smartest man he knows’?

Yeah, that’s some scary shiznit.

Seems Hunter Biden wants to slash the child support he’s paying for his four-year-old little girl and he’s using POVERTY as this reasoning.

No, really.

Just when you thought this guy couldn’t suck more.

Wow, this is low, even for Hunter.

From the New York Post:

Hunter Biden is trying to get his child support payments for his 4-year-old love child lowered by claiming a substantial change to his “financial circumstances,” according to court documents.

President Biden’s son, 52, has asked an Arkansas judge to recalculate the child support payments he makes to Lunden Roberts, 31 — the mother of the daughter he’s never met, according to a Monday court filing obtained by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Hunter cited “a substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income,” for the reason behind his request.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the change in Hunter’s income was.

What, did his Russian pals cut him off? Chinese pals? Did the big guy want more than his usual 10%?

Ain’t that the truth?



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