As we told you earlier, lefties are all in a rage because migrants who entered illegally through Biden’s open southern border are now being sent to places such as Martha’s Vineyard and even the VP’s residence in Washington, DC (Harris recently claimed that the “border is secure” and is being shown that no, it’s not). Additionally and ironically, Democrat mayors of “sanctuary cities” such as Chicago and New York City are also complaining about illegals being bused to their towns.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said this is “sick and dehumanizing”:

Yep, there’s nothing more “dehumanizing” than being sent to ::checks notes:: Martha’s Vineyard.

Are many of these places “sanctuary cities” or not? Liberals seem to suddenly oppose their own policies once they start negatively affecting them.

Oh the humanity!

It basically depends on what your definition of “sick and dehumanizing” is…

That’s not a problem apparently, but sending them to Martha’s Vineyard is some sort of human rights violation.

When the Biden administration flies illegal immigrants in the dead of night all over the country, does the Left accuse the White House of “flinging” them around in a sick and dehumanizing way?

In a way, maybe Hayes is correct:

Yep, maybe it IS dehumanizing to send people to places that liberals have been running into the ground for decades.



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