Admit it, even if you’re a Democrat, federal legislation that would abortion legal until week 15 with exemptions for the health of the mother, rape, and incest is a pretty damn good compromise. The majority of Americans want abortion legal YET restricted, and that’s all Republicans are pushing. Granted, many of us are not sure why they’re doing it RIGHT NOW when this is the only issue Democrats seem to have to run on but here we are. Many people think this is a ploy to make Democrats own the fact they are not pro-choice, they are pro-abortion.

Now if Republicans can just get that message OUT.

Otherwise, pro-aborts like Val Demings are going to use the vague ABORTION BAN talking point nonstop until the midterms.

Case in point:



A 15-week restriction on abortion is stripping women’s constitutional rights?

If she has to lie this much to compete with Marco she’s already in trouble.

Val is relying on her supporters being stupid … which in her case, could be true.

However, most people on Twitter at least know she’s full of it:

Gosh, we can’t help but notice Democrats aren’t actually sharing the bill because THEY KNOW it’s a compromise between pro-choice and pro-life. The only ones who will really hate this bill are the pro-aborts … like Val.

Oh yeah.

There’s that little tidbit as well.

Because the majority of people, even on the side of pro-choice, will agree to and with it.

And she can’t have that, now can she?



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