Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is answering Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s political stunt with a political stunt of his own.

Abbott has bused about 500 illegal aliens from Texas to Chicago. After Mayor Lori Lightfoot expressed hysterical outrage about using illegals as a political stunt, she promptly sent several dozen illegals who had been bused to Chicago to the nearby suburb of Burr Ridge as — you guessed it — a political stunt.

But after Abbott sent another couple of buses to Chicago, Pritzker pulled a political stunt of his own. He declared the busing of 500 illegals to Illinois a “disaster” and asked the federal government to pick up the tab.

He also called out the National Guard for “logistical support.” Meanwhile, the governor whined about not being told the illegals were coming.

“The governor of Texas is forcing on New York and D.C. and Chicago – and potentially other places – a needlessly last-minute and complex process that is a heartless display of politics over people,” Pritzker said. “Why not give reasonable notice? Why send these folks only to blue cities or blue states? Why isn’t Abbott sending refugees to Mississippi, Oklahoma or Idaho? This is about politics for him.”

Yes, it is. And it’s about politics for you and Lightfoot. You don’t see Abbott or Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona whining about “reasonable notice.” And there’s nothing “heartless” about this. You and Lightfoot have been bragging for years about Illinois and the city of Chicago being “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens. Well, here’s your chance.

Fox News:

Lightfoot went on to accuse Abbott of un-Christian behavior for sending the buses of migrants without forewarning – a system she called “callous” and “inhumane.”

Oh, really? Then why did you send busloads of illegals from Chicago to two suburbs?

Elk Grove Village officials said they were informed by state officials at 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 9 that the town would be receiving a busload of 90 migrants on Sept. 10.

In a press release, Elk Grove Village officials said that they received “no prior notification” of the migrants’ arrival, and also said that they received “no direction from state, county or City of Chicago authorities with respect to how municipalities are expected to handle this unanticipated situation.”

Apparently, it’s only “callous” and “inhumane” when a Republican does it.


The governor and mayor called on federal officials to act, saying that while there is local money to deal with the current crisis, if it continues – and they expect it will – those funds will eventually run out.

“This is not a new challenge at the border. But this is a new challenge for us,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said. “And we need federal support, resources, communication and collaboration and that has to come in short order.”

You will note that the White House has remained mostly aloof from the controversy. They’ve criticized Abbott, but they haven’t indicated support for federal funds going to Chicago, New York, or Washington. To do so would be to admit there’s an actual border problem that Biden isn’t dealing with. It’s delicious watching these posturing politicians forced to put their money where their mouth is on their sanctuary policies and criticizing “inhumane” border policies caused by a human wave of illegal aliens that a clueless president has encouraged to come here.

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