As Twitchy readers know, Governor Abbott sent Kamala Harris a little present this morning after she claimed not once but TWICE that our souther border is secure when interviewed by Chuck Todd this past weekend. Guess he thought she needed to see FOR HERSELF (since she refuses to actually visit the border) that it is NOT secure.

Like, at all.

This has been a HOOT:

Even one of the illegal immigrants they interviewed said the border is open.

Matt Yglesias suddenly thinks we need to do something about this problem because you know, it’s not sustainable and stuff.

He wrote a whole thread:

How is it unsympathetic to fly and bus illegal immigrants to other parts of the country?

This is so bizarre.

And do they really think they forced them to leave Texas or Florida?

C’mon, man.

He continued.

Oh, we need to negotiate on illegal immigration now? NOW?! How convenient.

This situation is obviously not sustainable.


None of you cared because it wasn’t in your backyard and the only way to MAKE you care was to put the situation in your backyard.

Gosh, sounds like it worked.

Ya’ don’t say?

We need congress to do its job? GET OUTTA HERE.

Gosh, where was this push from the Left months (years) ago? OH, that’s right, they don’t live along the southern border so out of sight, out of mind. And you evil rednecks in the south who want the border secured were just racists and xenophobes!

Oh, but now there’s a problem.


How big of him.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go well:

We really are seeing a lot of liberals who don’t want illegal immigrants in their backyard. Sort of like how Robert Reich fought and stopped affordable housing in his wealthy neighborhood. Almost as if these people are nothing more than hypocrites …

THAT’S right. Remember when Biden did that? In his mind, he was sending blue voters to red states.

But asking illegal immigrants if they want to go to other sanctuary cities is suddenly bad and cause for legislative action?



They are losing their minds.

Fun, ain’t it?



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