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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Kurtis’s opinions on capri pants were a little too well documented in the backgammon club’s meeting minutes, as far as the other members were concerned.

One of the more egregious fictions spread about Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign was that he was a man of deep faith and a practicing Roman Catholic.

Well, he also pivoted from being an old-school “safe, legal, and rare” Democrat when it came to abortion to a full-throated NARAL and Planned Parenthood fanboy when he wanted to get elected president.

I have been a practicing Roman Catholic my whole life and I can assure you that the Church hasn’t softened its stance on abortion. Biden is no more a good Catholic than I am a thousand-yard rushing threat in the NFL.

Since he was installed in the Oval Office, President LOLEightyonemillion has become an even bigger fan of abortion. He’s done everything but don a knit vagina cap and protest at Brett Kavanaugh’s home.

Now he wants to use the power of the presidency to mainstream abortion in a way that only an insane federal bureaucrat would come up with.

Matt has the story:

Much has been made of how Joe Biden seeks to redefine “sex” under Title IX to include gender identity. Less attention has been paid to the fact that Biden’s 700-page-long proposed rules changes also include redefining actual pregnancy, the Heritage Foundation found.

“The Biden administration wants to redefine pregnancy to include childbirth, lactation, and ‘termination of pregnancy’—that is, abortion,” explains Melanie Israel of the Daily Signal. “The administration’s three-pronged definition of pregnancy makes a notable departure from previous ones. Under Title IX now, women are protected from discrimination if they get an abortion. This means that with a doctor’s note, women receive medical leave from class or a sports team to recover.”

“Abortion currently is a distinct issue that falls under ‘sex discrimination,’ but under the Biden administration’s change, abortion would be included as an aspect of pregnancy,” Israel continues.

And the distinction is extremely consequential. Under Biden’s revised definition, abortion would be morally equivalent to carrying a child to term, giving birth, and breastfeeding.

So, terminating a pregnancy is the same as carrying the baby to term. Everything is an opposite reality with these psychos. It’s like saying that surgery is “life-saving” if the surgeon cuts out the patient’s heart and lets him die on the table.

A central component of the Democrats’ efforts to alter reality is making sure that words have no meaning. That, and there are no universal truths, of course. Both ideas are wrong but, thanks to the generous assists they get from the mainstream media and academia, Democrats are getting a lot of traction towards bending the world to their clinically insane ideology.

I can think of nothing more disturbing than having the cabal that’s running Joe Biden’s brain implementing radical leftist ideology on a whim. When I think about it like that, 2024 seems like it’s 10 years away.

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