Just in time for National Hispanic Heritage Month, the Texas Tribune headed to heavily Hispanic South Texas to ask a question on many political minds this year. At a time when Democrats and the media are going to great lengths (even at the expense of their credibility) to convince the public that Republicans are an existential threat to the country, Hispanic voters are rapidly becoming Republicans.

Not only are the voters electing Republicans to local offices and participating in this year’s Republican primaries in unprecedented numbers, but local Democratic officials are also changing parties or sending strong signals that they intend to change parties after the coming election.

Why is this happening? In South Texas, part of it has to do with the border. Recent polling indicates that 57% of Texas Hispanics and 60% of South Texas Hispanics want to see tougher border enforcement. That’s because the small and medium-sized towns that line Texas’s border with Mexico are currently in a crisis caused entirely by the neglect of the Biden administration. President Joe Biden threw away years of serious diplomacy and essentially put up a “Welcome, the Border is Open” sign when he abandoned his predecessor’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers. The consequences have been devastating.

With the South Texas region being overrun by illegal border crossers, Hispanic Americans living there have learned precisely the same lessons about the Democratic Party that so many other white working-class voters learned over the past 10 years — Democrats are extremely arrogant, blinded by ideology, lacking in substance, and unwilling to listen to anyone, least of all people and groups whose votes they have long taken for granted.

In recent weeks, the mayors of Washington, D.C., and New York City have complained bitterly about Texas and Arizona providing free rides for Biden’s newly released migrants to their self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities.” The lesson for everyone living in the genuinely strained areas near the border is that Democrats’ stated desire to help immigrants is just about optics. They certainly care little or nothing for border-town Americans who are being made to suffer so that these narcissistic politicians can show off their kind-heartedness at others’ expense.

Hispanics in South Texas are becoming Republicans because they see Vice President Kamala Harris go on television and claim that the Mexican border “is secure” when they know the opposite is true. Democrats have sent them the message that there is no lie they will not tell to save their skins this November.

The Hispanic exodus from the Democratic Party is not all about the border, nor is this transformation taking place exclusively in Texas. Many Hispanic voters are also realizing, in the Democratic Party’s new era of unrestrained wokeness, that it has moved so far leftward and so fast that no one in the country can keep up. It should not come as a shocker that the party of unrestricted ninth-month abortions and the poisoning and mutilation of children in the name of transgenderism is suddenly getting a cool reception among a demographic group that is known for valuing family, morals, and education.

If you want a modern analogy, consider the earthquake that occurred in West Virginia politics in 2014. For decades, the Democratic Party had been propped up by working-class white voters. Until it wasn’t. All at once, they defenestrated nearly all Democratic officeholders and elected Republican supermajorities in the state legislature.

Hispanic voters have a nearly identical demographic profile, and they are being repulsed by a Democratic Party every bit as incompatible with their values.

The same poll of Texas Hispanics referenced above showed that Hispanics have attitudes that are simply incompatible with those of the Democratic Party today. They are too patriotic, identifying themselves primarily as “American” (43%) and “Texan” (23%) before “Latino or Hispanic” (23%). They still believe in “hard work” as a positive thing, and it is a value they overwhelmingly associate with the Republican Party. Fully 61% of them are “bothered by the direction” of the Democratic Party.

In short, these are precisely the kind of people whom Democrats in all other contexts malign and defame as “white supremacists.” What will they do now that the voters in question are brown? (They’ll probably attack them with racial slurs if their party’s recent history is any indication.)

The Democratic Party’s soul has new ownership. It is the property of atheistic, wealthy, woke white people. As in the late 1960s, it is on a collision course with ethnic minorities who did so much to prop it up over the years in the mistaken belief that Democrats had something to offer working families.

At least as far as Hispanic voters are concerned, the day of reckoning is approaching and may finally be here.

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