I’ve never been blessed enough to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, but if you’re an illegal alien who’s always dreamed of biking with the Obamas, you might be in luck. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has just sent two planeloads of migrants to the New England paradise.

You’d think the residents of Martha’s Vineyard would be thrilled at the opportunity to increase the diversity of the approximately 80 percent white island. Oddly, there have been reports of elderly women in straw hats and kaftans packing up their “no human is illegal” signs and marking their doors with the blood of slaughtered lambs.

DeSantis, along with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, have been sending illegal aliens on planes and buses to Democratic-led cities across the country to draw attention to the Biden border crisis. Places like New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC — and Martha’s Vineyard — that designate themselves “sanctuary cities,” the governors argue, should bear the brunt of the thousands of migrants who pour across the southern border every day. After all, they voted for the politicians who stripped former President Donald Trump’s “inhumane” border enforcement policies.

Yet somehow the same people who said the US ought to welcome Central and South American migrants with open arms are now moaning that they’re the ones in charge of taking care of them. Massachusetts politicians like Senators Ed Markey and Liz Warren have denounced DeSantis’s move as “cruel” and “repulsive.” More cruel than incentivizing migrants to trek hundreds of miles and attempt to cross the dangerous Rio Grande river with their children? More repulsive than enabling the human smuggling rings that see little girls raped? Seems unlikely.

What, exactly, is cruel about sending the people searching for a better life to one of the wealthiest and most beautiful towns in the country? Ted Kennedy died way back in 2009, so it’s not like they have to worry about hitchhiking themselves into the wrong car. Alan Dershowitz has been effectively banned from the island, and most other coastal creatures leave post-Labor Day anyway. Not to mention that Martha’s Vineyard’s sanctuary status means if one of its new residents breaks the law, they don’t have to worry about an unceremonious deportation. Sweet perk!

Leftists are still somehow finding reason to complain.

“It’s human trafficking!” they cry, seemingly unaware that the Biden administration previously sent 70 migrant flights of its own to Jacksonville, Florida, in the dead of the night. Besides, Fox News’s Bill Melugin reports that migrants sign waivers and choose to which city they will be flown…and who wouldn’t kill for a free trip to WASP heaven? DeSantis should probably apologize in advance for all of the liberal wine moms they’ll encounter, but I’m sure it’s still a hell of a lot better than sitting in a Health and Human Services detention facility or being crammed with tens of thousands of others into a border town.

Some locals told reporters they don’t have enough housing or jobs for the approximately 50 illegal migrants who have arrived. The town’s public information officer said the situation is a “humanitarian crisis.” Martha’s Vineyard has been described as a haven for billionaires and celebrities. Certainly they can cough up some resources for the individuals they so desperately wanted in the country. Plus, the island is practically a ghost town in the winter, no? How about some of those ten-bedroom seaside mansions be opened up as shelters instead of sitting empty in the off-season? If this is how they react to just 50 migrants, imagine how they’d feel if they had to deal with the thousands who cross into border towns on the daily.

DeSantis’s team has already promised that the free trips for illegal migrants will continue. Next stop? Malibu.

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