C’mon, we all knew the Socialist Democrat Darling would chime in on Martha’s Vineyard at some point, right?

Notice AOC doesn’t talk about how quickly these good people at Martha’s Vineyard kicked the brown people off their island, she’s just trying to claim that they see immigrants as good people. Again, most Americans are good with LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and openly welcome them. It’s the illegal ones that people take issue with.

But you know, she has to make the rich liberals on Martha’s Vineyard look like good people instead of admitting they couldn’t handle 48 illegal immigrants when those racist, redneck southern border towns deal with 10x or more than that number daily.

Seriously, Sandy … give us a break:

No, many of us don’t misunderstand that LEGAL immigrants and refugees are a blessing.

Blah, this broad.

She continued.


Was this before or after they accused DeSantis and Abbott of kidnapping and trafficking?

Total blessing.

She’d probably claim it was trafficking as well.

Except she’s claiming they already have sent illegal immigrants to her? We’re not seeing that anywhere …

Hrm. Is she sure about that?

And THERE it is, blah blah blah.

Still can’t find any mention of DeSantis or Abbott sending her illegal immigrants. In fact, the only story we can find about her is her telling Abbott he should retire for sending illegal immigrants to DC.


By the way, her district is a real mess.

Big thanks to Chad Felix Greene for doing the math and research here:

But they all take care of each other and stuff because illegal immigrants rock or something.

That’s what she claimed anyway.


Maybe she should spend a little more time working on her own district and a little less time white-knighting for a bunch of leftist rich people who live in one of the most expensive places in the country.



BRO, take the L! Stan Van Gundy using the GOOD PEOPLE of Martha’s Vineyard to SHAME conservative Christians goes so VERY VERY wrong

Thread comparing what actual southern border towns go through to POOR Martha’s Vineyard to MOCK Democrat policies is just PERFECTION

Facebook thread shows how Martha’s Vineyard residents REALLY felt about illegal immigrants in their community and WOW (screenshots)


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