My colleague Beege has a great post about the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration when it comes to border security, and John has great posts about how the elites in Martha’s Vineyard are freaking out about 50 migrants being dropped off in their exclusive city. California governor Gavin Newsom is demanding the Justice Department investigate De Santis and Abbot for human trafficking because they are busing migrants to Blue cities, and the AP refuses to use the word crisis to describe the chaos at the border.

Needless to say, there is lots to talk about.

One tidbit from News Nation caught my eye that puts all this into perspective. The Border Patrol in Texas is so overwhelmed that shelters are crammed with 3x as many illegal immigrants as they are designed for, and the overflow is so bad that they just gave up and release over a thousand “undocumented migrants” in a single day.

U.S. Border Patrol has been so overwhelmed in the region and the shelters are at capacity — one processing center is three times above its normal capacity, nonprofit shelters are starving for beds and volunteers, and a sudden surge of arrivals from Venezuela is ineligible for expulsion, the Border Report reported.

As a result, Border Patrol was forced to release more than 1,000 paroled migrants onto the streets of El Paso on Tuesday.

In addition, many Venezuelans are staying in El Paso longer than they want to because they have no U.S. sponsors and lack money to get out.

Many of these migrants are now gathering and living in tents underneath overpasses and sidewalks along Overland Street.

The county is calling the releases a matter of public necessity requiring immediate action. Local officials claim they are managing the crisis and say for every migrant seen on the streets of El Paso, 10 have been sent through the shelters to their final destination.

Fifty migrants show up in Martha’s Vineyard and it is a crisis that everybody in America is supposed to be outraged about. But over a thousand released in one day is business as usual if you live in a border town. Hardly worth talking about outside of conservative media. Certainly not worth taking the time to consider the effects on the residents of El Paso who are legal citizens or immigrants. Their daily lives are worth destroying in order to maintain the veneer of Leftist “compassion.”

Liberals were outraged at the governors of Texas and Florida for collaborating to help migrants who came here illegally achieve their American Dream in lovely Martha’s Vineyard, and it makes me worried about their losing their compassionate impulses.

He has a point. Martha’s Vineyard is filled with super-rich Lefties who make life hell for everybody else around there. It really is cruel to send these migrants where they will suffer hatred and disdain for being plebs.

You really should read John’s and Beege’s posts to get a more well rounded sense of how tied up in knots the Left is over this issue. But as you do keep in mind that our generous federal overlords are releasing thousands of migrants into the border region all the time. Over a thousand yesterday in just one border town.

Steve Hayward has an excellent post up at PowerLine discussing the politics of the DeSantis/Abbot strategy of making Democrats eat their words on immigration. I strongly suggest you read that too.

There are few things more satisfying than enjoying the schadenfreude brought on by Leftists whinging about being owned. Unfortunately our glee has to be tempered with real compassion for both the migrants themselves and the Americans at the border who are overwhelmed by the millions who enter the country illegally each year under Biden.

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