Full transparency, this editor was familiar with Stan Van Gundy’s name but had no idea who he was … luckily, this editor was able to find someone who would definitely know who Van Gundy is and she said, ‘Oh, he’s that NBA f**k’.

And gosh, you know, that reads especially with tweets like this.

Seems Stan missed a very important part of the story around the ‘good people’ of Martha’s Vineyard, especially if he wants to use them to shame conservative Christians.

If you learn nothing else from us making fun of people like this let it be to ALWAYS check the news before making such a grandiose statement about a current event. And check more than one source …

Woof, dude.

And then shipped them off within 24 hours.


Wow, talk about a bunch of givers. Wonder if Stan feels this way about the southern border towns who do this day in and day out but with 1000s of illegal immigrants.

Going to guess he does not.

Ok, this editor has read Martha’s Vineyard so much in the last nearly 36 hours that she totally missed he misspelled it. Perhaps it was a Freudian slip, lol.

Someone should probably tell Stan that these giving people he’s lecturing conservative Christians of being more like have already booted the illegal immigrants off their island.

How very Christian of them.

Holy crap, dude. Watch something other than MSNBC.

He’s gone back and forth with people all over the place … and it still doesn’t look like he’s figured out his original tweet is really stupid now.


If they’re SO good at this, we should send them more people to help out with.

Except they’re not.

But hey, they’re good at raising money off the situation without giving the illegal immigrants in question A DIME. The rich getting richer.


Yeah, Stan.

Or you know, just delete this stupid tweet.

And that is perfection right there.



Thread comparing what actual southern border towns go through to POOR Martha’s Vineyard to MOCK Democrat policies is just PERFECTION

Facebook thread shows how Martha’s Vineyard residents REALLY felt about illegal immigrants in their community and WOW (screenshots)

THIS! LOL! Tucker Carlson explains how Martha’s Vineyard was suffering soul-crushing effects of its own whiteness … so thanks DeSantis (watch)


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