Florida Man David Hogg naturally has some thoughts on Gov. Ron DeSantis (and, by extension, Gov. Greg Abbott) sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Needless to say, David is disgusted:

We’re not sure when David Hogg became an authority on Christianity, though he’s clearly fancied himself as one for some time now. Anyway, if he’d only waited just a couple of hours, he could’ve saved himself the embarrassment of looking like a fool yet again:

The good people of Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t even make it two days before shipping the immigrants off on buses to a military base.

Where’s David’s tweet denouncing the good churchgoing residents of Martha’s Vineyard for reneging on their charity? We can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Can’t seem to find a tweet from him on this, either:

And wait, and wait, and wait …



Molly Jong-Fast points out the hypocrisy of Gov. Ron DeSantis claiming he has Christian values

George Takei nearly crushed to death by falling mic after attempting to compare Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis to Hitler


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