Does calling up 125 members of the National Guard to assist with 50 illegal migrants seem like a bit of overkill? Governor Charlie Baker (R) of Massachusetts is doing that in response to the arrival of illegal migrants on Martha’s Vineyard. The people in this exclusive coastal location are certainly giving the rest of America a good example of what happens in a community when a group of illegal migrants shows up and everyone else has to scramble to handle the situation.

Governor Baker’s office released a statement today.

“The island communities are not equipped to provide sustainable accommodation, and state officials developed a plan to deliver a comprehensive humanitarian response,” said the governor’s office.

Baker said the nearly 50 migrants on Martha’s Vineyard will be taken to a new temporary shelter at Joint Base Cape Cod, which is designated as an emergency shelter by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

“Our Administration has been working across state government to develop a plan to ensure these individuals will have access to the services they need going forward, and Joint Base Cape Cod is well equipped to serve these needs,” said Baker.

The Massachusetts Emergency Agency (MEMA) is working to coordinate efforts among state and local officials. They need to provide food, shelter, and other essential services for the illegal migrants, which include some children, who arrived from Texas via Florida. Governor DeSantis is taking credit for this group’s relocation. They are Venezuelan migrants.

It sounds like everything is under control, at least for now, and if no other planes bring more illegal aliens. Governors DeSantis and Abbott have not made any commitment that this is a one-off action. As John pointed out in his post last night, Martha’s Vineyard has about 17,000 year-round residents and regularly serves about 200,000 tourists each summer. Are we to believe that a mere 50 people are going to over-stress the island’s resources? Apparently so and it’s going to take 125 National Guards members to handle it.

The base has experience with housing and caring for those who have been displaced due to emergency events, I’m sure they can handle 50 illegal migrants.

The base is already designated by MEMA as an emergency shelter in Barnstable County, and its existing infrastructure provides a safe temporary accommodation appropriate for the needs of families and individuals, the administration said. Additionally, the facility can provide dedicated space for access to legal services and other essential services such as basic healthcare.

The individuals and families will be housed in dormitory-style spaces at Joint Base Cape Cod, with separate spaces for individuals and families. No families will be separated, the administration noted.

In the past, the base has housed and cared for displaced individuals, including Louisiana residents fleeing the impact of Hurricane Katrina. It also served as an alternative care medical site for Massachusetts residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are grateful to the providers, volunteers and local officials that stepped up on Martha’s Vineyard over the past few days to provide immediate services to these individuals,” Baker said in a statement. “Our Administration has been working across state government to develop a plan to ensure these individuals will have access to the services they need going forward, and Joint Base Cape Cod is well equipped to serve these needs.”

“The Baker-Polito Administration has been in close contact with providers and local officials on the ground in Martha’s Vineyard throughout this process,” Lt. Governor Karyn Polito added. “We will continue to work with officials at all levels of government to make sure everyone has access to the appropriate resources, including shelter.”

These people have not been displaced due to a national emergency or the pandemic. They chose to leave their home country and cross the southern border of the United States illegally in hopes of being granted asylum. Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas have cruelly allowed the Biden border crisis to flourish. The humanitarian crisis on the border is unacceptable and unsustainable.

The state’s Public Safety and Security Secretary, Terrence Reidy, praises the state’s response. “The work of so many state and local partners exemplify the best values of our Commonwealth, providing safe shelter, food and care for individuals that had been through a long harrowing journey.”

Joint Base Cape Cod is not able to accept donations of any kind, but MEMA is working to set up a process to accept relief donations. It sounds to me that Massachusetts has everything all lined up. Perhaps more flights to its island communities should be scheduled. This was just 50 people, after all. Small border communities with populations no bigger than Martha’s Vineyard experience the arrival of thousands of illegal migrants each and every week.

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