Remember years ago, when Saturday night live was a comedy show? They turned into a Democrat super PAC so slowly, barely anyone noticed. Well OK, lots of people noticed. We’re two years into Biden’s presidency and they’re still doing anti-Trump jokes.

Now the show is really embracing the woke. They’re adding their first ever ‘nonbinary’ cast member and it’s big news, folks.

From CBS News:

“Saturday Night Live” will have an openly nonbinary cast member for the first time in its history

For the first time in the comedy skit show’s nearly half-century history, “Saturday Night Live” will have an openly nonbinary cast member. Molly Kearney, a comedian and actor known for their role as Fern Dannely in Amazon’s “A League of Their Own,” will be among the new actors joining the show in its upcoming 48th season…

Kearney, who is based in Los Angeles, has long been a stand-up comic and has helped produce a monthly outdoor stand-up show called “The Big One.” They’ve performed countless shows and sets in Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee and other cities.


Even the pronoun usage is woke.

Oh, it’s newsworthy. In fact, lots of news outlets seem pretty excited about it.

Are we not supposed to bring up an older character from the show? Remember Pat? Is this problematic now?

Here’s an important question.

Nope, sorry. That’s not an option.


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