Brittany Aldean, the wife of country music star Jason Aldean, will not apologize for her conservative political views, nor will she back down — even when the liberal mob comes for her.

Aldean most recently made waves when she spoke out against the transgender movement’s focus on children. The 34-year-old was quickly attacked by big names in the country music industry, including Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope.

But Aldean didn’t follow the usual course of shutting up or offering an apology, the mother of four, instead, doubled-down and even ended up on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to reiterate her point of view.

Who is this disruptive country wife? What does she believe and who will she stand up to?

Who is Brittany Aldean?

Aldean, whose maiden name is Kerr, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1988, to parents Donald and Debbie Kerr. She has two siblings; a brother named Hunter and a sister named Kamden.

In recent social media activity, Aldean has noted that both her and her husband come from “military families.”

According to her website, Aldean attended the University of Alabama and then moved back home to Carolina after graduation. She cheered for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats and subsequently tried out for the 11th season of singing competition “American Idol” in California, back in 2012.

Following her tryout, Aldean was photographed getting cozy with her now-husband Jason Aldean, while the country singer was still married. Brittany Aldean reportedly called the moment a “lapse in judgement,” according to TMZ.

“The actions I portrayed recently were not a representation of my true character, but a lapse in judgment on my part,” she said at the time. “I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone that has been affected by this, including my friends & family.”

Brittany and Jason Aldean were married in March of 2015, and the couple have four children in total, including two from Jason’s previous marriage.

Conservative views

Aldean last month weighed into the charged transgender debate with a video post mocking the Left’s dangerous focus on children who fall outside of gender stereotypes.

“I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase,” Aldean captioned a video post. “I love this girly life.”

After she was mocked and slandered online by liberal stars, Aldean doubled-down.

“Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender affirming care’ is one of the worst evils,” the makeup guru blasted. “I will always support my children and do what I can to protect their innocence.”

“Some parents want to be accepted by society so badly, that they’re willing to make life-altering decisions for their children who aren’t old enough to fully comprehend the consequences of those actions,” she further posted on social media. “Love is protecting your child until they are mature enough as an adult to make their own life decisions.”

“Thankful my parents allowed me to go through my tomboy phase without changing my gender,” she wrote. “Until then, leave children alone!”

In another instance, Aldean slammed Vice President Kamala Harris for telling Americans to “enjoy the long weekend,” referring to Memorial Day.

“Our family doesn’t take Memorial Day lightly. It’s more than a ‘long weekend,’” the young mother pointedly posted via social media, last year.

“[Jason Aldean] and I both come from military families and understand the importance our loved ones and others have sacrificed for us, and our freedom,” she continued. “We fly our flag high… EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s the least we can do to show our appreciation.”

“God bless the mamas who couldn’t hold their babies one more time,” she wrote. “To the daddies who weren’t able to express just how proud they were. WE THINK AND PRAY FOR YOU, DAILY #happymemorialday. Thank you Military and everyone who continues to serve this beautiful country and risk their lives for us!!!! We love you!!”

In September 2021, Aldean blasted the Biden administration for a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, specifically for the deadly explosion at Hamid Karzai International Airport that left 13 U.S. service members dead.

Posting an image of members of the U.S. Military to Instagram, Aldean added the caption: “Remember the reason you are able to sleep peacefully at night. Remember the sacrifices made by the men and women in the military, and their families.”


The same month, Aldean mocked President Joe Biden with “Anti-Biden Social Club” and “Hidin’ from Biden” merch.

Causing a Stir, and Not Backing Down 

Unlike most celebrities — including mainstream country stars — Aldean has never shied away from her conservative views, telling her followers bluntly, “I personally don’t give a damn if people don’t agree with me.”

Taking questions from fans last year via Instagram, Aldean was asked, “What helped you be more open about your political views on here when most people don’t agree?”

“I think you’d be surprised how many people do agree but aren’t able to speak about their views. (And understandably so),” she responded, according to Fox News. “The amount of supportive messages I get is unbelievable.”

“I personally don’t give a damn if people don’t agree with me,” Aldean asserted. “I think it’s important now more than ever to stand for what you believe, even if it ‘goes against the grain.’”

“Do your research, and form your own opinion – speak out if you wish,” she told fans. “But most importantly, don’t bully people who feel differently than you.”

More recently, Aldean refused to back down after criticizing the Left’s push for radical gender ideology toward children. The businesswoman appeared on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show and stood her ground, emphasizing that protecting children should transcend your politics.

The 34-year-old also came out with “Don’t Tread On Our Kids” clothing line, which is “Barbie” inspired, a mocking reference to her critics calling her “Insurrection Barbie.”

Brittany and Jason 

Brittany Aldean has time after time been publicly supported by her husband Jason Aldean, who is also openly right-wing.

Most recently, Jason Aldean called his wife “MY Barbie” online, after fellow country music singers tried to diss Brittany Aldean for her criticism of the transgender movement’s focus on kids.

In October, soon after the couple received backlash for their open criticism of President Biden and support for former President Donald Trump, Jason Aldean wrote via Instagram: “I will never apologize for my beliefs or my love for my family and country. This is the greatest country in the world and I want to keep it that way #unapologetic.”

Close Ties To Big Conservatives

Both Brittany and Jason Alden have been public about their connections to figures in the conservative media landscape.

The pair last summer publicly hung out with conservative stars like author and Daily Wire host Candace Owens and popular commentator and social media influencer Rogan O’Handley, better known as “DC Draino.”

Notably, Jason Aldean took a snap with O’Handley holding a bumper sticker that reads, “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Trump.”

“When country music pairs up with the Patriot movement, America wins,” O’Handley captioned the photos from Brittany Aldean’s birthday party. “Incredible night celebrating [Brittany Aldean’s] birthday in Nashville with [Jason Aldean] and [Candace Owens].”

“Stay tuned to what we got in store (because) this is just the beginning,” added O’Handley, who is also an entertainment finance attorney. “#MakeCountryMusicCountryAgain.”

Owens posted a photo to her Instagram posing next to Brittany Aldean, with the caption, “Happy Birthday to this Beauty Queen, [Brittany Aldean].”

The BLEXIT founder notably came to the defense of Aldean over the transgender issue, last month. Responding to Maren Morris ripping Aldean, Owens wrote: “It’s easier to not castrate your children. But I guess whatever helps sell bad records.”

The “Candace” host then called on conservatives to “delete this bully from your playlist.”

“If you vote conservative, or don’t support children being mutilated by their parents — delete this bully from your playlist.”

“America is fighting a cultural disease,” Owens told The Daily Wire. “Scores of children are facing literal, chemical castration by parents and doctors alike, who have submitted to the social science of transgenderism.”

“That Maren Morris would attack Brittany Aldean for her brave willingness to stand against such an obvious evil should sicken everyone, and serve as a stark reminder that ‘wokeism’ is in fact, a mental derangement,” the mother of two continued.

“Our children must be the red line to this insanity,” Owens said. “I am calling on all parents to continue to stand against this evil, as Brittany Aldean has done.”

Unlike the celebrity world of the recent past, Aldean, and her friends, will not be bullied for their conservative views.

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