Tucker Carlson gets it.

That’s probably why so many people on the Left REALLY hate him – because he gets it.

And he gets them.

Carlson pointing out that Martha’s Vineyard was really lacking in diversity and suffering soul-crushing effects of its own whiteness may well be one of the most accurate and hilarious things we’ve seen yet in this blowup over DeSantis DARING to send illegal immigrants to a Sanctuary City.

Imagine if they got this upset about illegal immigrants in general? But they don’t because it’s ok for states like Texas and Florida to deal with the issue because out of sight, out of mind. And if they complain they’re just racists and xenophobes.


Wow, when you look at it like this, DeSantis saved them from their own white privilege.

He’s truly a hero.

Yup. No way are 48 illegal immigrants enough to truly make Martha’s Vineyard ‘diverse.’ They should ask DeSantis and Abbott to send more illegal immigrants to their community so as Tucker said, they can be a good community.

They’d be doing them a favor.

Ok, so this is hilarious HOWEVER, people are indeed complaining that this is an island and they can’t possibly withstand so many more people with their infrastructure and stuff. Forget they welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists … 48 illegal immigrants will officially break their community.

We all know AOC can rarely turn down a photo-op.




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